Monday, February 7, 2011

Because Good Always Prevails Over Evil and Other Spring Fairytales

Last week we received snow.  I know many of the people up North were sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if the stupid people down South would be able to survive.  Much like the times when we Southern people sit around and laugh about the poor folks up north who are sweltering when it hits 80 degrees.  Thankfully, we did survive and we didn't have to do anything drastic like interact with the crazy neighbors because we never lost our internet.  Score 1 for good over evil.

An update to my last post:  The therapist has declared that Rowan is normal!  The words were, "She's normal and very happy."  In fact, it seems just the act of everyone noticing what her social skills are has made her more sociable and less anxious.  We'll continue seeing the therapist but only every other week, and frankly I think they are going to cut us loose after the next session.  The down side?  We finally get the top of the line health insurance and this is the best diagnosis they can give us?  She's normal?  C'mon.  Score 2 for good over evil.

We are all eagerly anticipating spring right now.  Things are abuzz with energy.  There are plans for gardens and projects are being mapped out.  The arm wrestling over who gets which garden beds are complete.  The seeds are ready.  It's like the revving of engines at the Indy 500 before the flag.  Spring conquers winter.  Score 3 for good over evil.

I lost a blog follower.  I think he was from South America.  He's been replaced by Cheeseboy.  Hop to his blog if you get a chance.  He's like the Activity Director on the cool kids' cruise ship.  Score 4 for good over evil. 

I wish I had a great ending for this post, but I don't....


  1. I hate losing a follower! It feels so personal. And then I get spiteful and want to unfollow them back but I don't know who they were and that's not really how I roll, anyway.


    I love the pink soap and washcloth, btw. I think of you in the bathtub.


    Well. You know what I mean. ;)

  2. Tracey- My follower really was named Carlos from like...Portugal and his stuff was all in Spanish so I don't think he read my blog. I have a whole story in my head about how he probably was taken to prison and so had to unfollow me.

    Glad you like the soap. It's funny because I've thought about you before when I was in the bath. I think it was the post about sinking below the water and not hearing any noises. And yeah, this is a PG rated blog. Mostly.