Thursday, January 3, 2013

Garden Progress

I've gotten into a bad habit of only using my phone to take pictures when I also have a camera that works very nice.  I charged up the battery and I will try to use it more often than the phone.

Yesterday we finished putting up fence posts and tying them together with 2x4s.  I need to finish putting up the 3 foot wire fencing.  We will also add 3 feet of bird netting around the top.  I expect to change all or parts of that to shade cloth.  For now, bird netting is a cheap and easy fix.

We're bringing in cinder blocks to make the raised bed border.  Again, cheap and easy, except for the lifting part.  I priced the difference between making a raised bed out of new wood versus cinder blocks.  Cinder blocks are $10 cheaper. 

They are ugly but everything is ugly right now.  It's winter.  I've thought that later on I would let Rowan paint on the cinder blocks and then it will probably look more whimsical.  Live plants would make it look better, too. 

Here are a few pics of what we're doing.  The bed next to the fence is narrower than the other 8 beds will be.  There's some writing in the cement and a bad kitty left their prints.


  1. I have wooden and raised garden beds. While the cinder blocks might not look as good, they last a lot longer. Deborah

  2. Thanks Deborah! I have wooden ones in the back and there's some upkeep and replacing of boards from time to time. They look better but you're right, don't last as long. I'm glad to hear the cinder blocks will last longer.